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Mistakes to Wedding Photographer and Video Maker

Mistakes to Wedding Photographer and Video Maker
Different wedding photographers are prone to different sets of mistakes. Yet there are some common pitfalls that are more widely prevalent. In this presentation we will try to identify and discuss those.
Following is a generally recognizable list of the potential hazards encountered in wedding cinematography:
Common oversights of beginners in pre-production:
1.    Lack of planning.  Money and time available determine the job contours, outline so therefore careful consideration of budgeted time and finances will determine the allocation and distribution of resources. This will ensure smooth operation.
2.    Lack of research.  Fact finding is an important element.
3.    Lack of storyboard. This shows each scene and the action contained within for instance how the camera will be set up.
4.    Lack of scheduling.
5.    Not locking down exposures, focus etc.
6.    Insufficient attention to lighting
7.    Bad sound recording
The above are only a small sample of common oversights that a wedding cinematographer is prone to.  As the saying goes ‘experience is the best teacher’. So the wedding photographer will have to serve an apprentice period in the field. He will need to traverse the learning curve several times to grow into a leading professional.
Kashif Dossani and his team have come out through the rigorous training schedules. They have learned about the oversights and  pitfalls not only through formal professional schooling but by virtue of years of practical experience.

Dossanis and the wedding cinematography
Dossanis are the pioneers in the field of wedding cinematography. The list of their satisfied clients is growing and is indeed a testimony to their professional excellence.
The Dossaniplus team led by Kashif Dossani gives minute attention to details. They anticipate and try to foresee what can be the potential hazards in the filming of their assignments.  This exacting preventive mechanism helps them to eliminate or at least cut the possible mistakes down to a manageable proportion.
The Dossaniplus team also takes into consideration such factors as Pre wedding coverage, professional pictures, wedding Cinematography, wedding photography, cinematic wedding video. We will briefly elucidate the meaning and significance of each of these topics.

Pre Wedding Coverage explained
Pre-wedding coverage allows the cinematographer the opportunity to work at his leisure thereby applying his mind to creativity. He can experiment with new and novel ideas. He can produce results that are exciting not routine run of the mill.  The atmosphere is not hectic rather it is serene.  He has the space to rectify mistakes, if any. The higher number of events in a proper wedding shoot does not allow the photographer similar stress free working conditions and the limited time available does not allow any freedom to experiment.

Advantage of pre-wedding coverage   
Another advantage in a pre-wedding shoot is that the photographer can film a couple in a very relaxed manner. He may select a neighborhood park or a place which has a sentimental significance for the couple. The couple become friendly with the photographer and they can discuss various items such as props, locations etc. to ‘look natural’. The pre-wedding shoot allows the photographer to include some of the footage in to the Feature Film which he will make after the wedding.

Wedding Picture Ideas
Wedding cinematography is a vast field. It starts with the pre wedding ideas and carries through all the wedding functions till the last guests leave and the wedding couple arrive at their home at the end of the programme. Kashif Dossani and his team painstakingly breakdown the entire task into manageable segments and plan for each segment and thereby get the wedding picture ideas. The wedding cinematographer will study individual client situation and focus on the client preferences.  These could include such factors and phenomenons as wedding dress, jewelry, location of the wedding event, important VIP guests, bride or groom’s childhood schools, residences etc.

Professional Pictures versus amateur pictures
There would be many amateur photographers happily clicking away their cameras or cell phone cameras in any wedding event. Their efforts are laudable. However their output lacks the excellence which only a trained wedding cinematographer can deliver.

Wedding Cinematography
The art of shooting wedding events is commonly referred to as wedding cinematography. Again this is a field of specialization for Dossaniplus who are rightly acknowledged as leaders in the field.
Wedding photography, cinematic wedding video are terms that are interchangeably used to describe the same or similar function as wedding cinematography.

Conclusion / Epilogue
The above brief discourse enlightens the reader into the subject of wedding cinematography including tips on how to avoid the common oversights.

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Best Principles of Beautiful Photography

In this presentation we will try to brief our readers to the underlying principles of beautiful photography. Each concept is briefly explained in the following paragraphs.

This does not need much explaining because as the adage says ‘keep it simple’. Over complicating the issues will spoil the beauty. This concept can be applied to wedding photography to achieve very good results.

Avoid distractions
Focus on the job at hand. Do not let your attention be taken away from your mission that is photography session. One of the wadding picture ideas emphasis this principle.

Concentrate and focus on that part of the picture that makes story. Pictures that have a variety of croppings have much more value and appeal. Pre wedding coverage lays great deal of importance on focusing.

Get a better perspective while photographing. Get on an elevated plane or position. Or go down to ground level. Whatever makes your picture unique and distinctive. This concept applies equally to pre wedding or wedding photography coverage.

Wherever possible natural lighting is to be preferred. Good lighting lifts your picture. Look out for shadows so that these can be avoided unless it enhances the beauty of your picture. Here again importance of  lighting is true for wedding or pre wedding events.

Try to get close to the action. Mingle with the people and become a part of the group while all the time looking for a photo shoot opportunity. This will enable you to switch  from a player spectator to a professional photographer. This is key concept for wedding photography ideas.

Try to get your whites as whites as possible and your black as blacks as possible. If there are small objects try to contrast those with large objects. This is a great wedding photography idea.

Look for a new angle a new perspective. Diversify your rage of interest to seek out what is fresh and outstanding be it faces, expressions, moods, postures, movement etc. Seek out contrasts that are likenesses and differences. Applies in equal measure to all wedding events.

This is an important principle to follow. There should not be wild fluctuations that range from the sublime to the ridiculous. Always strive to get the right mix.

Balance can be formal or informal but if the right balance is struck the picture will be pleasing to look at. Always keep your camera with youThe camera should always be carried with you and it should be in a state of readiness to shoot. If you take out time to load and make adjustments the scene may disappear. There nay be an inspiring scene and you do not want to be without your camera at that time. You may keep the camera in the boor of your car in an appropriate photo backpack. Keep some lenses also. This concept applies  in equal measure to wedding or pre wedding events.

No more toy cameras please
Get yourself a professional a DSLR camera.  A good DSLR camera will have a good sensor chip combined with more flexible lenses. It will definitely go a long way in enhancing the beauty of your pictures. A wide angle lens will capture beautiful landscapes.  The vistas become wider and bolder. The river the clouds all come within sights. Professionalism will give you beautiful photography.

Carry a Tripod
For capturing lovely scenes there is no substitute for a tripod. You can avoid a camera shake.  It enables low noise as the shutter stays open longer.

Practice with HDR
HDR is abbreviation for High Dynamic Range Photography. A scene can evoke memories. To trigger those memories you need to adjust the light levels and color match with the memories. HDR is for beautiful photography.

Live with mistakes
Learn to live with mistakes and also learn from mistakes. Do not let the fear of mistakes keep you from trying out exciting innovative and creative ideas. Always let your initiative drive your hunger for beautiful photography.

The above is but a small but carefully selected list of beautiful wedding photography. It is not intended to be exhaustive but is just illustrative.

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What is Cinematography?

Cinematography refers to the world of making films and movies, starting with shooting and going through to its development. When we apply the concept to a wedding it becomes ‘wedding cinematic video’ which obviously means making of wedding films. The terms movies, films and videos are used interchangeably. Wedding videos are the current vogue. It would be difficult to imagine a wedding without a video shoot. For someone without a budget to hire the services of a professional wedding cinematographer his family or friends do the job through movie cameras even if it is one of those cameras that come built in with the cell phones.

Wedding cinematic videos will more vividly bring back the memories of yesteryears. Whenever there is a reunion or gathering of friend and families at the house the playing of such videos will make the guests indulge in nostalgia and their appreciation of the same will be a source of joy for you.

History and Features of Wedding Cinematography

Cinematography is also known as the illusion of rapidly projecting many still pictures. Photography is the forerunner of Cinematography. And photography itself was developed through learning gained from the primitive methods like the Magic lanterns, pinhole images etc. The initial movie cameras were fixed on a tripod. After this came the rotating head version that allowed filming from front to rear. When the scene involved filming of movement the camera was mounted on a moving vehicle.

Some techniques employed in cinematography

Double or multiple exposures is a photographic technique wherein more than one exposure of the shutter allows multiple images to be captured. The subsequent image is then superimposed on the first one. The idea is to create beauty and distinctiveness. For instance sky over mountains or over sea can be combined. The digital technology enables such superimposition through the use of software such as Adobe Photoshop. Another photographic technique is known as reverse motion. This technique involves the use of an inverted camera and joining the image taken thus with the first image.

Wedding cinematography

Cinematic wedding videos have, by and large, replaced the still photography because it enables one to ‘relive’ those treasured and cherished moments. Besides the cinematic wedding videos are easier to handle and store and outlast the life of photographic paper which is subject to deterioration over time. Guests who attend a wedding will melt away, the fool will be consumed and forgotten before long but what will last is the work of the wedding cinematographer. Wedding cinematography is a craft and an art.

Wedding photography

It is important for the wedding photographer to have an emergency kit consisting of spare camera, different lenses and spare batteries etc. This is because he cannot afford a mishap in case of failure of the equipment. The wedding photographer must build up a complete inventory of latest equipment because theses constitute his tools of trade. On a human plane the wedding photographer should be sociable and likable so he is allowed the vintage and vantage points for his work. It is important for the wedding photographer to know the bride and groom and their family members, by name so the interaction is seamless. .  Another important point is to have a settled contract to avoid subsequent heart burns.

Wedding Photographers

The wedding photographer must have a sense of aesthetics, creativity and vision passion and patience. He must   have mastery over aspects of photography such as landscape and portraiture. He should be well versed in the subject of lighting techniques.  The best wedding photographer should have mastered the shill of using different photographic equipment. He also should have an eye for assembling a group well. Above all the wedding photographer should be fair and honest in his business dealings.Photographs should speak for themselves.

Famous Photographers

Some of the all time great photographers of all time include such anmes as :
Ansel Adams (Famous for landscapes)
Robert Capa (Famous for war time photos)
Dorothea Lange (Her picture of a migrant mother and Japanese interment caps are masterpieces and memorable)
Brian Duffy (Famous for fashion photographers)
Brassai (Famous for photographs of ordinary people)

This presentation is a brief synopsis of this vast subject. It is therefore not exhaustive, rather is designed only to serve as something of interest to a beginner.

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Wedding Photographs and Videos

Wedding photographs and videos represent the start of a sacred journey, a sacred mission. These provide an unending source of joy and inspiration during times thick and thin. These are invaluable assets which give you the strength to face and overcome adversity. And to this extent these can be rightly termed as beacon lights in the attainment of life’s goals.

A wedding photographer captures the sentiments, passions and emotions of a wedding event. The wedding event is perhaps the most momentous occasion in a person’s life. It is the role of the wedding photographer to prepare for the client a moment, a souvenir that will be cherished and treasured by all including the future generations i.e. by posterity.

The selection of a wedding photographer must be based on a careful search. Friends’ circle is a ready source of valuable input. Also a bit of surfing would be useful as the leading and dynamic wedding photographers would certainly have their own individual websites. A review of their sites and examination of the exhibits of photographs on each site will help to narrow down the search. Armed with this information one can easily negotiate a mutually acceptable deal.

The criteria for selection of the best wedding photographer are briefly discussed here:
•    Creativity, imagination and resourcefulness  (To be gleaned from the portfolio of the photographs 
         as well as through contacts with their previous clients)
•    Ability of the photographer to look beyond the mundane;
•    Readiness to go an extra mile to capture the finer details
•    Must have a discerning eye to sift the important scene/s subjects for photography from the trivia.
•    Experience (The age of the establishment would reveal this).
•    Staffing levels, training and skills (Ask to see results by individual photographer.)

The medium of photography will rest on your choice, length of the wedding events and costs. In general a mix of still photographs and videos (movies/films) is preferred.  It is important to consider the costs but this should not be allowed to become an overriding consideration. Short terms gain is not preferable over long term interests. The main event would certainly be covered by video and by still photographs as well. The peripheral occasions would be mainly covered by still photography. Still photography is the traditional medium. The photographs are stored in family albums. For best results the wedding photographer will lookout for the best backdrops, the best angles the best combination of light and shade. The cinematic coverage of a wedding is easily stored on CD’s or DVD’s.  While the quality of still photographs may deteriorate over time the cinematic medium is not subject to deterioration. Cinematic work requires special training and skills. At times the wedding photographer is aided by another worker who handles the light, tripods etc.

Muslim Weddings

Muslim weddings are characterized by pronounced solemnity perhaps more so than it is in case of Christians or Hindus. For Muslims it has a religious significance as well. This religious dimension means few more functions like Mehfile-e-Milad which is for devotional prayers and Nikah which is the official marriage contract or bondage.

The other pre wedding and post wedding functions are listed and briefly described below:

Mangni  (Engagement)
Uptan    (Bride gets beauty treatment through application of a  paste of sandalwood powder, aromatic oils etc)
Dholki    ( This is a popular function. Girls drawn from relations and brides’ friends get together for a      round of singing traditional wedding songs followed by a dinner)                                                                               
Mehndi (Described above)
Baraat   (The groom accompanied by his family members and  friends visits the brides’ house where they  are well received, honored and entertained) 
Nikah    (This is the official Islamic function for solemnizing the marriage and contains terms and condition and specifies ‘Mehar’, the monetary safeguard of the bride. Bride’s father or in his absence the closest family elder gives the bride away in the presence of witnesses and the Qazi (pastor) Both the bride and groom are asked for their consent which they must signify by saying ‘yes’ loud and clear..
Rukhsati (The bride leaves her home to join the groom at his House and for the groom’s home.)

Valima  (This is the dinner hosted by the groom to consummate The wedding. This is the final function.)
It does not follow at all that each Muslim wedding comprises and consists of all the above functions. For those families that are economically at the bottom rung of the scale the above ceremonies constitute luxuries that they can never indulge in. However even for such families the bare minimum functions are Mangni, Nikah and Rukhsati.
One needs to spend time and effort to locate the best wedding photographer and thus reap the benefits for all times to come. So good luck and best wishes to you!

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Wedding Cinema & Wedding Photography

What is Wedding Cinema

Video photography as applied to a wedding event is popularly known as wedding cinema. With the mechanical and electronic devices and applications now available in the market it is possible to see the vide films on wide screen television screen. Several people in the form of a group can see and enjoy the wedding cinematography video at the same time. Stated alternatively it is cinema as applied and related to a wedding.

What is Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography is the photography of all events relating to a wedding. It starts from events before the wedding as well as all the wedding functions. Wedding photography can be either still photography or wedding cinematography.

Wedding Cinematography

Cinematography means making films and movies. It encompasses shooting films and going through to its development. When this concept is applied to a wedding event it becomes ‘wedding cinematic video’. The various different terms that we hear viz movies, films and videos are used interchangeably. Wedding cinematography is gaining widespread popularity.  It would be difficult to imagine a wedding without wedding cinematography. Amateur wedding cinematography is no substitute for professional wedding cinema.

The need for Wedding Cinema

If a wedding event is captured on film it will vividly bring back the memories of yesteryears. Whenever there is a family gathering at home the playing of such videos will make the guests indulge in nostalgia and their appreciation of the same will be a source of joy for you.

 Wedding photography

The wedding photographer must be armed with spares.  He must carry at all times an emergency kit consisting of spare camera, different lenses and spare batteries etc.  At odd times and on odd days it may not be possible to look for replacement at short notice. It is unforgivable to run out of a needed spare in case of a mishap. The wedding photographer must build up a complete inventory that is to say his tools of trade.  The wedding photographer should have a sociable and likable personality because that way he will be allowed access to the vintage and vantage points for his work. The wedding photographer has to try and make friends with the bride and groom and their family members by name if possible, for seamless interaction. Another important point is to have a settled contract to avoid subsequent misunderstandings and /or complaints.

Wedding Photographers                                                      

The wedding photographer must have a keen eye for aesthetics.  He must possess vision and creativity so that his output distinguishes him from all others. Also he must be patient and cool minded so that he gets along well with everyone.  He must be well versed with what it takes facets of photography such as landscape and portraiture. The best wedding photographer will know the perfect use of lighting, sound and all other related equipment used in photography.  He also should know how to assemble a group so best group photograph can be taken. The best wedding photographer should be fair and honest in his business dealings. His output will testify to his credentials.

Famous Photographers                                                                              

Some of the all time great photographers of all time include such names as:
            Ansel Adams (Famous for landscapes)
            Robert Capa (Famous for war time photos)
Dorothea Lange (Her picture of a migrant mother and Japanese interment caps are masterpieces and memorable)
Brian Duffy (Famous for fashion photographers)
            Brassai (Famous for photographs of ordinary people)

This presentation is a brief synopsis of this vast subject. It is therefore not exhaustive, rather is designed only to serve as something of interest to a beginner.
Famous Photographers

Some of the all time great photographers of all time include such names as:
            Ansel Adams (Famous for landscapes)
            Robert Capa (Famous for war time photos)
Dorothea Lange (Her picture of a migrant mother and Japanese interment caps are masterpieces and memorable)
Brian Duffy (Famous for fashion photographers)
            Brassai (Famous for photographs of ordinary people)

The Best Wedding Photographers of the world

Following is a brief list of the best wedding photographer’s of the world. Details can be had from their website at addresses given against each name. Sample photographs can also be seen on each website.

Jonas Peterson                   Visit Jason Peterson’s website

Ben Chrisman                     Visit Ben Chrisman’s website

Chris+Lynn                         Visit Cgris+Lynn website

Mark                                   Visit Mark’s website

Jason Groupp                      Visit Jason’s website

Mark Kitty+Craig Fritz         Visit Kitty+Fritz website

Sean and Melaine                Visit Sean and Melaine’s website

This presentation is a brief coverage of this subject. This is just introductory material for the beginner.

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Wedding Photographer Professional

Significance of the wedding event

For most of us wedding is the once- in- a lifetime event. It is an attitude changing and water shed occasion for men and women. The historic significance is unmatched. It is a time not only for revelry and gaiety but also a time for profound religious significance. Quite naturally therefore the occasion is to be well recorded so that it is preserved for posterity. Who better to record it than the professional wedding photographer. It is the job and role of the professional wedding photographer to capture all the important finer details of this momentous event.

Why professional photographer

Modern cameras, both still and video, are easy to handle and operate. These are designed to ensure ease of operation so as to attract maximum number of people into buying and using these. This is how the manufacturers gain through massive sales volumes. Thus we see the very large number of home videos. It is true that the works of amateur photographers have their own importance. Convenience and cost savings are the keys of amateur photography. When time is of essence we cannot run after and employ the services of a professional photographer at a moment’s notice.

However there are events and occasions that lend themselves specifically to the domain of professional photographers. Consider the example of a corporate event like the Oscar or the Filmfare award distribution programs. As another example consider various sports programmes that are telecast. A cricket test match is covered by as many as a dozen photographers/cameramen located at different points in the ground or stands. Some are posted at specially made points hundreds of feet above the ground level.  Similar is the case of a fashion show where the cat walks need to be covered through different angles. Or even the wedding functions where lights, angles and timing are of particular essence. All these events demand the employment of professionally trained photographers and one cannot entrust the task of covering these to amateur photographers.

Best Wedding photographer

Who is the best wedding photographer? This is hardly possible to decide in advance as there is no formal ranking system as such. Much depends on the reputation of the photographers in the market. However discrete inquiries from within the field workers or directly from your friends’ circle can give you much needed information. One can also scan the web where the top photographers display the results of their endeavors.  The uniqueness, individuality and creativity of the artist photographers would be evident from such sites and will help you to  narrow down the search and short list a few of them.

Cost of the wedding photographer

This will be largely determined by your budget. Obviously the best one would not come cheap. If there are any budgetary constraints then one has the choice of restricting the coverage. A sane piece of advice is not to be penny wise in the selection of a professional wedding photographer.

Still Versus Cinematic Coverage

Though there is no hard and fast rule to make a choice in this regard the rule of thumb is to go for cinematic coverage for the main event/s and go for still photography for smaller events.

Types of Weddings

All weddings have common points in that they represent the union of individuals embarking on a journey of their life time.
Christian weddings are comparatively the simplest and briefest.  Main elements on focus are the wedding dress of the bride, wedding ring followed by a dinner for the guests. The scale of these would depend on the social and financial status of the groom.
Hindu weddings are a little more elaborate. The precise date and time for the wedding is of much significance and it is worked out by the holy men. There are colorful ceremonies and home decorations.  There are three essential features and these include Kanyadaan (father of the bride gives her away), Panigrahana (holding hand before the fire) and saat phere Saptapadi (taking seven circles before the fire).
Muslim weddings are the most elaborate. Islam enjoins strict injunctions pertaining to upholding and protecting the rights of the bride. There is a wide range of functions which include the following:
•    Mangni (engagement)

•    Uptan (another bride beautification through application of sandalwood paste, aromatic oils etc

•    Dholki(Singing of wedding songs)

•    Mehndi (bride beautification by applying henna)

•    Baraat (procession of groom and his friends/relations to the bride’s house), Rukhsati (bride goes to groom’s house)

•    Nikah (official solemnization of the marriage before witnesses and through signatures and verbal pronouncement)
•    Valima (consummation of marriage and dinner for family and friends).
All of these functions are held over time which may range up to two or more weeks  and sometimes even more than this. For those who cannot afford to have such a large number of functions the bare minimum are Mangni(engagement), Nikah(marriage) and Valima(dinner)

Work of the professional photographer

No matter which wedding the professional photographer is covering he has his work cut out. And his sincere efforts will not only bring satisfaction to him but also joy to the client.

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Wedding Picture Ideas


The professional wedding photographer is expected to have a bag full of ideas to turn each wedding into a historic and memorable one. Each wedding event has some identical features and yet each will have certain unique and distinctive features as well. Experience will guide the photographer towards these unique features. The successful photographer will highlight and focus on the unique features and capture the routine mundane ones as well. He will try to spot something new, something interesting whether it is regarding the dresses, flower arrangements, d├ęcor and layout of the wedding location, backdrops etc. This then is the utility of the professional wedding photographer. He delivers quality and substance which is quite naturally found wanting when non-professional amateurs handle the job. Mega pixels, thermal noise, film grains, types of lenses etc are matters that are beyond the comprehension of amateurs and therefore must be left to the professional wedding photographer.

Wedding photography then and Now

Due to unwieldy photographic equipment during the initial years most wedding couples were content to have their photographs taken at the photographers’ studios.  Those were the times when unsolicited photographers took pictures on free lance basis on their own and then tried to sell their pictures!  The advent of film rolls technology and better lighting systems (compact flash bulbs) gave a fillip to wedding photography. Modern editing techniques have added a whole new dimension to wedding photography. Wedding photography has now become a specialized subject and demands formal training at photographic schools. Such training is a necessary adjunct to qualities like passion and vision which a budding wedding photographer must be gifted with.

Wedding Picture

A wedding function presents opportunity for hundreds of photographs.  From engagement ceremony to Nikah, Rukhsati and valiima Each moment is precious because it will not be repeated. A wedding is after all once in a lifetime occasion. Therefore the professional photographer has to plan his work and then ensure strict compliance to this plan. The images thus captured will give immense satisfaction to the client. It will also be a source of pride for the photographer as well.

Styles of photography

The two main styles of photography are known as Traditional and Photojournalist. In the traditional style the photographer plays a key role in
Deciding what is to be photographed where and how. The photographer decides on lighting, seating, standing for a group photo etc. In the photojournalistic style the emphasis is on what is natural and candid. A third approach, which is still in its infancy, is all about adding a touch of ‘fashion’ to the pictures.

The Studio

The photographer’s workplace is commonly referred to as a studio. This is where he takes photographs and develops the same. This is also where he prints and makes multiple copies where required. A dark room is an integral part of the studio. Modern studios of today draw heavily upon computer hardware and software to achieve quality in their results through enhanced editing, processing etc. The studio eliminates unwanted sound and therefore allows unhindered and congenial working environment. Ordinarily the studio uses a backdrop made of wrinkle free white or off white muslin cloth. When it comes to lighting there is a choice between continuous lighting for static subjects and strobe for moving subjects. The camera in vogue is the DSLR or the digital single lens reflector camera.

Family Photos

Family photographs are cherished and well guarded. These are passed on from generation to generation. The older the photo is the greater is its value in terms of nostalgia. Family photographs are taken during all special occasions. Such occasions would include birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, birth, and reunions etc.  This is not a rule because family photos can also be taken outside of such occasions for instance a picnic, a sports event.

Wedding Images

Whether the medium of photography is film roll or digital the wedding pictures need to have freshness, sparkle and originality. The subject matter will be the same that is the bride, groom, stage, guests etc. But the professional wedding photographers can add a touch of class and a new dimension. As explained earlier the professional has the advantage of his experience and training. He can adjust lighting, use a better angle or different lens, and arrange a better pose of guests and so on.


This brief write up can be concluded by stating that ideas are created by a photographer’s experience and training and also by application of professional photographer’s vision and creativity.